You get listed in our directory. You get what we call a "store" — a simple, one page listing that describes the details of what you sell, along with the download items you sell.

You get your own private administration area where you specify the details of your listing as it appears in our directory, and where you describe and upload the files you intend to sell.

Your store gets its own shopping cart that directs buyers to your PayPal account.

All sales are automatically handled by our directory — buyers pay at your PayPal page (the money goes directly into your PayPal account), and the buyer gets auto-emailed a download link to download the purchased (and only the purchased) file or files.

From your easy-to-use administration area describe your products, upload the files to sell one time, and you're done. For good.


What are you waiting for? Sign up now and get listed. Set up what we call your "store" — it should only take you an hour or two to do that. Then sit back and relax — all sales are completed without any intervention on your part. Money goes in to your PayPal account, and buyer's get a download link to purchased files. YOU DO NOTHING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

A unique URL for your directory listing and the category your listing appears under in the directory.
[ 5 - 35 characters ]
[ shopping cart directs buyers to this PayPal account ]
[ the category under which your store is listed in our directory ]
Information to log in to your admin area to enter descriptive information about your products, upload files to sell, etc.
[ for login only, not displayed in your listing ]
[ 7 - 15 characters ]
Choose the billing length of your listing
Your submission must be in a finacial niche — this directory is for visitors looking for ways to make money.
Your submission will be manually added to the directory.
All listings are periodically checked to ensure content is finance-related.
No adult content. No exceptions.

After signing up for an account, you get access to a simple, straightforward, one-page adminstration area where you define aspects of your directory listing. Here you define how your listing looks in the home page of our directory. You enter your "store" name, a short description of what you sell, and, optionally, upload a small icon for your "store."

In the above example we called our store "The Wealth Store," entered a short description and uploaded a little icon of a fist holding money. Here's what that information ends up looking like in the directory.

When a visitor to our directory clicks on your entry in the directory, that visitor ends up at your one-page store. From your administration area you define the text and images that appear in your store. Here's the text editor where you'd enter some text about what it is you sell.

When a visitor arrives at your store page, that visitor then sees what you've entered in your administration area. Here's a small part of the page that visitor would see, based on the above text entry.

Back to your administration area. Here you create a "download item" for each file you intend to sell from your store. To define one item you give it a title, set a price, enter a text description (along with one optional image), and upload the file to sell. That's it — your work is done.

After creating a "download item," your store will display your information for that item. The store will automatically add an "ADD TO CART" button so that visitors can add the download item to your store's shopping cart.

If a visitor wants to buy your item, the visitor clicks on the "ADD TO CART" button, and the visitor is then taken to your store's shopping cart where the visitor can choose to continue shopping (to return to your store), or check out to finalize the purchase.

If the visitor opts to checkout, the visitor sees a page where the visitor enters shipping information. The only mandatory entry here is the visitor's email address. This is the email address to which an auto-email will be sent once the visitor completes the purchase at PayPal. After clicking on the "ORDER NOW" button the visitor is taken to your PayPal page. If the visitor completes the transaction, the funds go DIRECTLY into your PayPal account, and the directory will AUTOMATICALLY email the buyer a link to download the purchased file or files. YOU NEED DO NOTHING to complete the sale — the directory takes care of the work for you. Money goes to your PayPal account, and an email goes to the buyer to download the purchased item or items. You need do nothing to complete the sale.